“I have benefited so much from having both a personal and a relationship hand analysis done by Deborah. The insights she shared during our sessions helped me to understand myself and my husband more deeply and intimately, as well as to gain a beautiful comprehension of our relationship as a whole. Having these analyses done and speaking with Deborah on the phone helped me to feel validated, seen, encouraged, and empowered. Truly, these readings were such a profound gift to receive!    

I had a palm reading done a long time ago at a stereotypical mall kiosk, and I’m so happy to say that Deborah’s analysis was nothing like that first experience! Deborah’s reading of my hand and fingerprints was much more technical, thorough, accurate, and nuanced than I would have expected from a hand reading, and there were absolutely no cheesy fortune-telling elements to it whatsoever. 

Deborah is warm, caring, and compassionate, and her love of this method clearly shines through in her readings. I felt totally safe, understood, and respected during the readings, even when we traversed more uncomfortable or tricky topics (like my blind spots or typical struggles). Also, Deborah not only articulated my Life Purpose, Life Lesson, and Life School in a way that resonated deeply with me, but she also provided concrete examples about how I could navigate any bumps in the road successfully and how I could stay in alignment with my purpose even in the face of challenges. I found myself nodding, grinning, and even laughing out loud a number of times throughout these sessions, and I’m thankful to have experienced them with my partner right beside me, too.    

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the relationship part of the reading, but I was blown away by all of the findings that Deborah shared with the two of us together! Even though it makes perfect sense in retrospect, I hadn’t realized before that relationships have their own Purpose, Lessons, and School, which are derived but separate from each individual partner’s Purpose, Lessons, and School. I feel so much closer to my husband now that we have experienced this reading together, even though we were already really close before. I’ve been given specific tools to understand him better and to support him moving forward that I simply didn’t have before this session. I know that all of the insights that Deborah shared with us will only help our relationship to grow and strengthen over time!

I would HIGHLY recommend Deborah’s services to anyone who wishes to gain a deeper understanding of themselves or their partner (or both!) Not only is Deborah well versed in the technical aspects of these analyses, but she is also a master of delivering the insights in a friendly and meaningful way. Put your hand prints in Deborah’s own capable hands and prepare to be amazed at everything that comes up!”                                                                                   Dana Machacek, Cobble Hill, BC http://zonapellucida.net


“I didn't know exactly what to expect in a hand analysis- well I was more than pleasantly surprised at the detail and information that you were able to glean from my prints. You confirmed a lot of things I was aware of on my life journey and added in some intriguing insight as to the why behind certain life events. It was super helpful to have potential challenges highlighted for me as I move forward, most importantly to me in regards to my life purpose and my business. You offered up a great blessing to me by way of letting me know that I am right on point with my recent decisions! I thank you so much for allowing Spirit to work through you. You are so gifted- you'll be hearing from me again and I will gladly refer you to anyone I know looking for this kind of wisdom.”

                                              Ixchel Stella, Founder + Soul-Centric Guide at Magick For The People™ www.MagickForThePeople.com 


“I had a hand analysis session in January 2016. I had some questions that I wanted to ask her during the session, but I didn’t need to ask these questions to her, because during the session, she naturally answered all my questions. I clearly remember the moment when I was leaving her house after the session, I felt so energized. Her session fully motivated me to take further steps to move forward in my life positively and actively. I really liked her session, and I highly recommend her hand analysis session to all aged people.”                                                                                                                                              Michiko B, Southern AZ  http://www.threewisdom.com/ 


“Deborah's reading was so helpful for me! She is a gem to work with and so intuitive. She really broke down the major themes in my life and it was so nice to know my life purpose and the lessons around it. Deborah was so good about putting it into simple terms and showed me how I can implement these lessons into my life in a way that felt easy and do-able for me.  I feel much more empowered in all areas of my life since my session and am excited to implement all that I learned.”                 Renae, Northern AZ


"My sessions with Deborah helped me to understand where my personality traits come from and why I am the way I am. I used to feel confused or even critical about certain aspects of myself, and I often found myself fighting the way things were or wondering why I was reacting to my life in particular ways. After meeting with Deborah, I now feel okay about my ways and my thoughts. Her insights were very validating of who I am, and I have a greater appreciation for myself than I did before. 

Deborah was wonderful in outlining my purpose and teaching me what I need to work on in order to hold my truth. She shone a light on my strengths and my weaknesses, and she gave me the gift of showing me both where my energy was leaking and how I could get it back again. My session with Deborah brought so many truths to the surface that I knew on some level but had been denying or resisting. Speaking with her was enlightening and a relief. I now feel motivated to pursue what is meaningful to ME again, rather than feeling the need to chase after somebody else's dream or expectation of me. I also understand how to go about finding my own voice once more.

The relationship reading with Deborah was so beneficial! It was very interesting to discover the purpose of my relationship with Dana and to understand how we can support each other as individuals and as a couple. I learned how to bring the trust we already have together to a deeper level, and I am excited to see how our relationship grows and evolves as we start to implement all of the insights that Deborah brought to the surface for us.

Overall, I am extremely grateful to Deborah for her support, insights, and validation. Everything she shared with me personally and about my relationship was delivered in such a warm, trustworthy, and professional way. The whole time, I felt that I was being taken care of and guided back into alignment with myself and my true purpose. I learned so much from having these readings done, and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is feeling stuck, confused, off track, or simply curious about themselves and their life. The takeaways from these sessions are too numerous to count, and I am so thankful to have come across Deborah and her amazing work!"                                                                                                                                              Marty M. Cobble Hill, BC


“Over the years I have been through many starts and stops in my career. At every turn in my 20 years seeking a fulfilling career my intention has been to be fully committed, yet doubts and longings always arise and I have walked away abruptly from many a valid path. after so many abrupt twists and turns i have begun to understand that what I am dealing with is a pattern. in full acknowledgment that i need to uncover the pattern, I began to seek out help. 

I have worked with a few people over the past few months (therapist, akashic records, psychic and reading books), which have had a marvelous effect of giving me varying perspectives, tools and valuable insight.  The other people I worked with were outstanding and worked in complete alignment with the work I did with Deborah, but working with Deborah has gotten me to the core of my pattern. Not only can I can apply this information to my career quandaries; she illuminated my lifelong block and feelings I harbor in the deepest recesses of my mind and heart. Though my career is the surface level issue, this pattern takes on many different heads; relationships, career, health, parenthood. Honestly, I didn't even mention my career to Deborah. We just dived in and without further delay hit on it right away.

Deborah has a gifted way of taking this information and interpreting it with wise, sensitive, insightful, clear and straightforward deftness. It's as if I was talking to my best friend who knows me for who I really am. I felt completely understood. From this place of bottom dwelling where all of my core issues swim around, Deborah gave me specific insight into how to build myself up. She let me know if I don't do specific things, I would begin to slip back into my pattern again. This specificity is of incredible value.

I can recommend Deborah to you with highest regard and complete confidence. The value is priceless. In all of us lies vast potential. Deborah's work, with the heart and brilliance she puts into it, will help you find yours.”                 Jessica S, Austin TX


"I always wondered about the true purpose of our unique fingerprints and was drawn to the work of Richard Unger several years ago. However, I was completely excited when Deborah and I met, because she brought Unger's work to life in a way that I could not on my own.

Through finger and hand printing (a little messy, but oh so fun!), Deborah helped me understand why I am here (life purpose), the basis of my purpose (life school), and the experience that needed to fully express my life purpose (life lesson).

Deborah also explained my hand shape and specific lines (for instance, life, heart and head lines), to expand upon my personality characteristics and preferences. It was like she was reading paragraphs from the book of my life!

My reading was rooted in analysis, but really took form when Deborah opened her heart and plugged into her intuitive gifts. She created a safe space, where I didn't feel judged. After the time we spent together, I walked away with a big picture understanding of who I came here to be.

If you have been searching for a deeper meaning or wondering about the purpose of your life, I highly recommend a session with Deborah. You will leave the session with your soul's agenda, all of your life puzzle pieces will begin fitting together and the common themes in your life will finally make sense.”                                                                                           Kristen S. South Glastonbury, CT


"You might hold off on working with Deborah because you think what she does is too "Woo-Woo" and won't truly be of help to you- let me tell you, don't let that hold you back! Though very into spiritual practices myself, I'll admit I was a bit skeptical when I booked my session with her. Boy, was I wrong! 

The hour we spent talking was absolutely incredible. Deborah read on my hands things about my life which I'd never spoken to another soul, she read me like an open book! She calmed my fears, spoke to my soul, and gave me amazing guidance for my career, relationships, and life in general. It was tough to not get emotional as she explained fears and problems that I've dealt with my whole life. Deborah understood, and guided me through where to go from there immediately, and for the rest of my life. 

The clarity was incredible, the experience was wonderful, and I feel like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Seriously, do not walk, but RUN to work with Deborah. You won't regret it☺️"    

                                                                             Courtney Dunsmore/college lifestyle blogger www.aswestumblealong.com

“I stumbled on Deborah Bohm as I meandered over the oval grassy area that serves as Bisbee center during their charming Saturday Market.  I passed her booth, but something pulled me back. I then watched myself dipping into my purse for the small token offering to cover the short public test drive reading. 

She carefully studied my fingers with a magnifying glass, making notes that looked like short hand or ancient runes.....what did I know.  Her opening remark set me back; I was suddenly on full alert as she continued to nail my exact metaphysical location with unnerving accuracy and depth.  She has some natural GPS device loaded into her DNA, guiding the reading quickly to the “big stuff”.  I was amazed that a sample reading went to the bone so fast. I was sorry afterward that I did not think to record her observations on my phone recording app to review what I’d heard.  I knew instinctively that I’d seek her out again..... when the time was right.

Six months after that first meeting, we arranged a remote phone reading with me carefully squishing ink on my hands and smooshing onto paper to send her.  The follow up reading did not disappoint, as Deborah fearlessly went into the exact issues I was grappling with, without any leading remarks by me.  An easy communicator, Deborah has a warmth and casual demeanor that makes one instantly comfortable.

 I suspect I will be back for another reading in 6 to 12 months.  I went from skeptic to “lean in” that sunny Saturday in Bisbee.  Sometimes we just meet the right people at the right time.”                        Irean S. Miami Beach, FL