Hand analysis is for everyone and for all ages. 

Aside from just learning about your child's life purpose you will get insight on how they approach the world, and an understanding about your child's lesson.   There is also an opportunity to learn about your child's core personality characteristics, non-negotiable needs, and energy use and outlets.  This information is transformative to the parent child relationship.   As parents, we tend to take our children's plights personally, and this can lead to over correction, or often times result in attempts to save them from being "hurt".  

The purpose of this information is two fold. One, is to assist parents, in having a better understanding, of their child, as an individual and to promote a loving supportive relationship.  Two, empower the child to explore and better understand themselves, as an individual, on his or her quest, for this life time.  

For teens and young adults the information revealed during a reading can be life altering, in that this is often a time of self contentiousness and confusion.  A reading can provide grounding and direction, from an objective perspective, which can sometimes make all the difference in how he or she views them self and the world.

* While hand analysis provides deep understanding, perspective, context, direction, and some times much needed validation  to move forward, make decisions, find solutions, and take action it is NOT predictive.