February, the Month of Love

So here we are, in February, the Month of Love.  With Valentine’s day and all the special focus put on matters of the heart, and relationships how perfect that we are going to be taking a closer look at each of the four major heart lines over the course of the next few weeks. 

The Stoic Heart Line

This week we are focusing on the Stoic Heart Line. It’s named the stoic because as the definition of stoic suggests they are not big on showing emotion and they can endure.  Yes, one with a stoic heart line would rather endure pain than share how they feel with you.  Quite frankly, the stoic may not even know how they feel. This is not to say that they don’t feel.  We all have feeling and emotions, but the stoic is pragmatic and practical and feelings and emotion take a back seat to practicality.  If strong emotion or feelings arise the stoic will more than likely be moved to do something rather than talk about what is going on internally.  This can lead to a lack of understanding about their own emotions and the emotions of others.  Ignoring, suppressing, or otherwise not acknowledging ones feeling/emotion will ultimately create an explosion or implosion. 

Remember the stoic heart line stays below the horizontal line, and ends before the vertical line.  It stays below the surface, so to speak.  The owners of this heart line type tend to be busy and keep their emotions below the surface, they need time alone, and may not be very outwardly affectionate.  They need freedom, but tend to be very loyal.  The opposite heart line type is the Nurturer.

Earth Element

This is the earth heart line.  It embodies earth element characteristics like: work, simplicity, matter-of-factness, common sense.  Material world concerns are of great importance.  They tend to be grounded, independent, private, and quiet; having a more physical experience of life, and that includes emotions.  For the person with a stoic heart line making a living to support one’s family is both an expression of love and a labor of love. Yet it can seem to go unappreciated by those he/she is doing it for.      


One with a stoic heart line can often be miss understood, in relationships.  As they require time to themselves, their emotional process is much more internal, they tend to seek their own council, and their affections and gestures of love/friendship are often times shown through practical offerings.  All of which can be miss interpreted by others as not caring, being aloof, disinterested, or cold when, in reality, the opposite could not be more true.   Also it is important here to highlight the stoics need for solitude. If one does not negotiate (in relationship) or otherwise honor their need, for solitude, they will create space, for it, in less than honorable ways.  As an example you could start an argument with your partner or spouse so either one or both of you leave. Or, say you over fill your calendar without regard for leaving some time for you.  You may find yourself not following through on commitments, or telling “white lies” to get out of things.        

Ok, so if you have a stoic heart line, it’s time to own it and its time to recognize that not everyone connects and interacts with the world the same as you.  As the saying goes common sense might not be so common.  Relationships (after all we are talking about the heart line here) require expression of feelings and communication about needs…vulnerability.  And while vulnerability might not be your favorite word it is a key to your growth and a requirement for intimate relationships to work.  

Let's Make This Practical

When we have the curiosity to better understand our relationship with the world we can start to better understand our relationship with ourselves, and then with others.  When we are curious it makes it easier (feels less vulnerable) to go deeper.  It makes it less threatening to look at and own are relationship style and emotional system.  At some point the stoic heart can realize that the most practical thing, in working with feeling and emotions, is to deal with them as they arise, and that communication is a practical instrument that can be used to create good relationships.    

We all have a dominant (one of the four major) heart lines.  Remember however, that our lines are a recording of our energy focus and expenditure, and as such they change.  Here is an example of a stoic heart line that, for one reason or another, this person chose to deliberately focus their energy into expressing more nurturer type energy as well as idealist.  An opening of the heart so to speak. 

What could cause this to happen, and what does it mean? 

The first thing to note, is this happening on the right or left hand.  If you recall, from previous posts, the left hand is more reflective of our internal world and receptive energy, and right is more about the external world and giving or what you put out into the world.   An example of what could cause this on the right and/or left hand is motherhood (parenthood) or becoming the primary direct caregiver to someone.  Remember the nurturer is the opposite of the stoic so of course the redirection/shift in energy focus is going to be recorded.  And with such a drastic shift it may lead the person to also expand towards exploring a more idealistic way of relating with self, others, and the world.   Please keep in mind that this is the most general interpretation, but you get the idea.  It is also important to know that this person’s native heart line is still a stoic and while they have explored other territories and become more flexible with concern to their relationship and emotional styles they will still be stoic dominant.  There will still be a need for freedom, independence, and practicality… that must to be honored.  

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