We continue our focuse on heart lines and this week we are going to look at the Rational Idealist heart line.  As you already know, the heart line is about emotion, relationship, connection, receptivity. This week I thought I would share my hands and heart lines with you.  Give you an inside peek at my world through my hands, and give you some first person insight as to how this information really applies with respect to practical world interactions, spiritual work, and increasing conscious awareness of self.  

My native or dominant heart line on both hands is the rational idealist also commonly call the rational romantic.  Just to review the Rational Idealist heart line is flat/straight and stays below the horizontal line, but keeps going crossing the vertical line.  A person with this heart line puts others first, likes to think about their feelings, not necessarily share them, and wants to keep the peace.  They are considerate, and like to share ideas and dreams. They need meaning and can be very romantic. The downside of all of this can be detachment from feelings to keep the peace, avoid conflict, and one can get lost in how things could be versus how things are.  The opposite heart line type is the Passionate.

The rational idealist is the air heart line.  It embodies air element characteristics reminding us that there is much more than what we can see.  On the up side think of the expression “a breath of fresh air” suggesting thoughtfulness, objectivity, newness, inspiration, understanding.  On the downside air can cause desolate conditions, “on the outside looking in”, zapping the lushness of life through over processing, justification, rationalizing instead of feeling; creating emotional armor.   

The rational idealist would do good to strive for staying in the moment and embracing a bit of emotional spontaneity.  

Me and My Heart Line

Yes, it is true, there was a time (much of my life) when I would rather think about my feelings and romanticize situations, in life, rather than express myself fully or role in the mud of the “real life” drama. I am very considerate, maybe to considerate at times, and yes, I have sacrificed my true feelings to keep the peace more times than I would like to admit.  I have stayed in relationship to long because of what could be, and on my quest for spiritual growth I leaned towards the romanticized ideas of love, peace, oneness, and denied my own pain.

On the up side the attributes of my rational idealist heart line have helped me considerably, in my life. I tend to focus on possibility.  I learned a lot from examining emotions mine and others and how they impacted getting things done. It has helped me be diplomatic and resolve unnecessary conflict.  Once I started embracing my emotions fully and feeling them deeply, it allowed me to explore myself without being attached to everything that showed up.  It has helped me become supper companionate, yet maintain a space of accountability.  I have learned to honor my need for meaning and my desire for long talks about what is meaningful to me.                

When I first learned about what my heart line (rational idealist) was all about I recognized it right away, it felt true to me; confirmed in my hands.  I was relieved.  It gave me permission to honor these aspects and know that it was all a part of the plan.  Prior to knowing this, I thought that there was something wrong with me, and I was trying to fix the aspects that seemed flawed.  Maybe I was cold (unfeeling) or looking for meaning where there was none to be found… Ah, the list could go on, and on, but the point is the quest for meaning and my tendency to over process lead me to be fascinated by emotions, connection, and all things relationship centered. Which lead me to really focus inward and to dive deep into myself.  Extracting my ability to have compassion, to see the possibility and potential that exists, in us all, as Divine beings, even when we act less than we are capable of.  Making progress towards cultivating space for true connection and relationship within myself and with others where there is sovereignty in being and spontaneity in the present moment.   


While our focus in this post is on the Rational Idealist one of the four major heart lines.  We must remember that our lines are a recording of our energy focus and expenditure and as such they can change.  Here is an example of a rational idealist line extending its self to the nurture position and also droops down to the head line(d-fork). This person (me) chose to deliberately focus their energy into expressing more nurturer type energy and gave away their power.   Often times taking on the role of being the nurture can serve more than one agenda but the most common reason for this is taking on the role of being a caregiver (parent, or care taker of elderly parents).  The d-fork, is an indicator of a power give away, and is most often associated with the rational idealist heart line as a result of giving up too much to keep the peace.   

In Closing

Time after time at the closing of a hand analysis session with someone they are surprised by the whole thing.  They say that it was totally different than they thought it would be.  It is truly unlike anything I can think of.  Your hands, your life. Hand analysis is really about deepening your relationship with yourself and in many cases even creating a new relationship with yourself.  It expands your conscious awareness of self.  Reveling new things, shedding light on things you already know, bringing things out of the darkness to be loved.  It totally changes the vantage point from which you view and experience yourself and expands your awareness of the world around you.