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I am on a mission to let people know how powerful they are and that all the answers they (we) seek can be found within.  As a hand analyst I know that your hands hold profoundly deep insights about you.  Who you came here to be, your natural tendencies of expression, your needs, your drives... My point is YOU are powerful!  

Lets Get Started

This week, I want to introduce you to your heart line. Because we spend the vast majority of our time embroiled in relationships and deciphering emotional data, it seems like a great place to start.  What is the heart line all about?  Well you probably already guessed, matters of the heart.  Think emotion, and relationship, receptivity, and more specifically your emotional system, your style of relating, as well as, your non-negotiable needs, in relationships. In this post we are going to look at the four basic types of heart lines, and over the next few weeks we will look at each one more closely, to include common variations.

Who Wants To Improve Their Relationships

Who doesn’t want to have better relationships, whether with your spouse, kids, loved ones, your co-workers, or the soulmate you have been dreaming of.  The heart line contains a great repository of information that includes your needs and what is natural, for you, in how you relate with yourself and others, and the emotional systems that are in play. Knowing this information will expand your self-awareness, helping you heal your emotional wounds, improve your current relationships, and build healthier relationships in the future.

What Are We Looking For

The heart line starts at the very outer edge of the hand under the pinky and runs horizontally across the top of the palm. (See the illustration above, the heart line is highlighted in green.) The four basic heart line types are what we call the Stoic, the Rational Idealist, the Passionate, and the Nurturer (see illustration above).  To determine your heart line type, take a picture of your hands, print them out, and draw two lines. Draw the first one vertically starting between your index finger and your middle finger, then draw a horizontal line starting about a half inch below your index finger to create four quadrants (like in the illustration).  Now look to see where your heart line ends. 

Whats Your Style

The Stoic heart line stays below the horizontal line, and ends before the vertical line.  It stays below the surface, so to speak.  The owners of this heart line type tend to be busy and keep their emotions below the surface, they need time alone, and may not be very outwardly affectionate.  They need freedom, but tend to be very loyal.  The opposite heart line type is the Nurturer.

The Rational Idealist heart line also stays below the horizontal line, but keeps going crossing the vertical line.  A person with this heart line likes to think about their feelings, not necessary share them, and wants to keep the peace.  They are considerate, and like to share ideas and dreams. They need meaning and can be very romantic. The opposite heart line type is the Passionate.

The Passionate heart line rises above the horizontal line, but does not cross the vertical line.  If you have this heart line you can’t hide how you feel, you express your desires openly, like open displays of affection, and have strong reactions/opinions.  You need passion, and can be very energizing.  The opposite heart line type is the Rational Idealist. 

The Nurturer heart Line rises above the horizontal line, and crosses the vertical line.  An individual with a Nurturer heart line is all about caring, is sensitive to feelings, and tends to be protective.  They need connection with others, and are themselves very sensitive. The opposite heart line type is the stoic.

Take Your Time and Have Some Fun

Have some fun with this.  Take a look at your own heart line and of those in your inner circle, your kids, your spouse, your friends.   I would love to hear about the insights you gather.  

Looking Forward

Next week we will dive deeper into the realm of the Stoic heart line, and a few of the variations that are commonly seen with this heart line.  

Please share this information with anyone who you think would be interested in knowing more about themselves through their own hands I am going to continue to put information out weekly that you can use to better understand yourself and others. It will be published on my  Facebook page, and here on my website soulsagenda.com blog page.  

Want to book a session with me so you can know what your hands are saying to you now?  What to Dive deeper into a relationship/partnership we can do that too. Contact me 520-456-6444 email deborah@soulsagenda.com


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