Knowing and Doing

I find it amusing that we have come to the Crown Chakra at the closing of multiple sacred events. The Winter Solstice, Christmas, Hanukah, and the New Moon, and the start of a brand New Year.  To me this year’s holiday season has been an amplification of the progressive energies of 2016.  One of endings, new tidings, all leading to a rebirth, new possibilities, connection and expansion.  It is befitting of the Crown Chakra energies, our connection with the Divinity, our Higher-self, God, The Universe, Oneness, all the possibilities that have already been and will be.

In the hands, the upper portion of the thumb (see illustration) is home to the crown chakra (located at the top or crown, of the head).  We could get into all sorts of deep discussion about this connection and how to interpret what is going on here, but for simplicity, brevity, and practicality we are going to focus on personal (my) will versus Divine will.  Knowing and doing.

My Will Verses Divine Will?

Ok so let’s just expand on what I mean by personal will and Divine will since I know these can be very loaded terms.  Personal will, fundamentally, is the right of all to choose whatever you want to choose.  Seems simple enough, right?  Divine will is choice, but from a place of surrender, in trust and faith (not hope, lol).  Here is the “catch,” You have to use your personal will to choose to surrender to Divine will.  To make this more practical see Divine will as a knowing.  We all have had a knowing.  At times we have chosen to ignore it; only to remember later what we knew all along. We have also listened and followed our knowing, and things turned out beautifully in the end.      

So what does it look like in your hands?

Large Crown: In the context of this conversation, a large crown (big upper thumb see illustration) suggests a lot of will, but how is that will being exercised?  You know the saying, and famous Rolling Stone’s song “under my thumb”.   The potential for receiving great knowing and for being very controlling both show themselves here.  So the question to ask yourself, if you have a large upper thumb, is how am I using (or not using) my will?  Do I receive great insight and then try and make others understand what I know… or do I trust my knowing and allow my actions to be inspired and animated in Love?   

Small Crown: A small crown (see illustration) could suggest small mindedness, or limited awareness, of one’s connection to the Devine, or a denial of any connection that leads to a sense of helplessness, or a resistance to taking action.  Again this is one of many potential possibilities here.  I always remember that often those things that present the greatest challenges often contain our greatest gifts and lead to our biggest triumphs.  So if you think your crown is on the small side, remember that size and shape can change, and there are other aspects, of the hands, that when looked at in conjunction to this, or any other aspect, contribute to the bigger picture.   Maybe your third eye (middle segment of thumb) is bigger than your crown.  This suggests that you “see” a lot but may not take action on what information/knowing that comes from the seeing.  



A star on the crown is a gift marker we call the star of intention, AKA the results getter.  The potential to bring knowing and doing together, in a super charged way, to create physical results.  Be sure to be clear about who’s intentions/goals you are focused on.  If you have a star of intention, and feel frustration or failure, then look at what is shaping your intentions. 




Horizontal lines on the crown equal doubt. Doubt in your knowing leads to trouble making decisions, and ultimately, in taking actions to get results.  If you have these lines you might be saying well I don’t know what results I want, or thinking that having an idea about results is an expectation and that having expectations is not very spiritual…  There is a difference between expectations and attachment to expectations. Oh, we could get into an amazing conversation here, but out of respect for you time I will leave it at that.          

Some Things To Think About

There are so many potentials here.  One thing that always helps when investigating any aspect of the thumb, is to examine your motivations to the actions you take.  Remember the thumb is about knowing and doing, making it a prominent contributor to the creation of our everyday existence.  As a physical appendage, it allows us to grab, grasp, and otherwise manipulate our world like a potter molding clay.  Examining motivations can reveal a lot.  Motivations can be a few layers deep so don’t be surprised, if you look, and then look a bit deeper, to find one motivation leads to another, but there is a core motivation; a seed from which the other motivations and corresponding actions sprang. Most, if not all, come down to Love or Fear.   

Coming To A Close & Starting A New

As we finish up the Chakra system and step firmly into a new year, I hope that you take the time to go back to review what we covered and look into your hands. May they reveal something new, or affirm what you have always known. Most of all, may you be inspired by the miraculousness of your being that is confirmed by messages contained in your own hands.   


I Want To Hear From You

What are you most interested in knowing more about in your hands?  Got questions about what the Chakra system and your hands?   I always look forward to hearing from you, so leave a comment below, e-mail me ( or message me on Facebook.


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