So many of the questions that I have received have been about what Hand Analysis is and how do you use the information.  I guess I did not start there because my website (this website) has a pretty detailed over view of this information.  However, I realize that everyone is busy and may not have time to go to every website that they have interest in so I am going to bring it to you right now.

Hand Analysis... is that like palmistry 

So what is hand analysis and how is it different than traditional palmistry? Traditional palmistry is based on traditions and folklore, and while it can contain valid and insightful information it is laced with unsubstantiated superstitions and wild prediction.  Hand Analysis on the other hand (ha, get it) focuses on finger prints and has sifted through the ancient traditions, of palmistry to find the underlying accuracies within those traditional systems.  Creating a refined and well studied system that looks at both the fingerprints and the hands.  Using empirical data hand analysis produces a reading that contains lifelong foundational information as well as pinpointing one’s current energy use and focus; where the only predictive element resides in how you continue to focus and use your energies. 

We Are Energy

We are energy that has been focused in to matter forming a body, and as such our vibrations or frequencies get recorded in our body. The hands are one particular place that you can see the clear evidence of this.  Before you were born, this energy that is you starts to record itself as your DNA and is reflected in your fingerprints; which by the way are fully formed five months before you are even born.  In understanding this, it is easy to see how your hands can contain a map with overlays and detailed information about who you came here to be and what you came here to do.  I am not talking about prediction here.  I am talking about reading a map as you would if you were going to travel somewhere.  

There Is A Map In Your Hands

One part of the map contains your soul psychology; we can compare that to the topography of the land, and the other part it your personality psychology, or the road ways we have created to navigate the topography.  Your soul psychology is found in your fingerprints. It is unchangeable, in that it is hard wired, etched into your hands as your fingerprints never change and are unique to you.  Your personality psychology is found in the shape and ever evolving lines on the palm of the hand and in your finger set (position).  

This map in your hands contain an enormous wealth of information specifically about you.  Isn’t that exciting!  I believe that within each of us we contain all the information and answers we seek about ourselves.  So look at your hands right now and know that they are speaking to YOU.  It is my intent every week to bring forth some of that information so you can widen your self-awareness. Through this greater awareness, you can find answers to your greatest questions about yourself; affirm what you have always known, empowering you to focus on the things that are most important to you. 

More To Come

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