The Middle Segment of Your Thumb & Your Third Eye 

This week we are looking at the second or middle segment, of your thumb, (see illustration) and the correlating chakra your third eye (located on the brow above the nose between and just above the physical eyes).  Think discernment, ability to choose, vision, seeing beyond.  All of which require imagination. 

Our ability to imagine, is an amazing aspect, of being a human being.  Without it life would be flat, one dimensional; there would be no innovation, art, visionaries, and the search, for meaning, would not even exist. Yet, imagination is often associated with fair-tails and make-believe nonsense.  I want you to keep this in mind as we talk about the examples, because our family and cultural values impact our beliefs and thoughts about imagination immensely.

Lets Take A Look

So how do we go about determining what makes the third eye area big or small?  It’s all about proportion to the other two segments of the thumb (see above illustrations). 

If your third eye is bigger than your throat (see illustration above 1 ) the most general analysis, for this would be, your vision is grand, but you have not yet cultivated the ability to communicate it.  This can lead to delusions of sorts.  Getting lost, in the vision, engaging in extended periods of distraction, or dangerous vehicles of escapism, are all potential delusion makers, or delusions, in themselves.  Remembering that speaking one’s truth (in this case communicating his/her vision), one must know thy self; the premise, of the throat chakra, which provides the foundation, for the third eye.    

If your third eye is smaller than your throat (see Illustration above 3) the most general analysis, for this would be, you have a lot to say, but your vison may be too small, or all together someone else’s.  If your vision is narrow, too small, or someone else’s you might be spending all your energy defending an idea without knowing or understanding the context, of the bigger vision. Your idea of ‘’self” might be bigger than your vision of self.    

If you have balanced doorways (see illustration above 2) the most general analysis, for this would be, you have the potential, for balanced energies, in the upper chakras.  In this case, focusing on the third eye, we are talking about decrement.  I can see my vision; I can see myself taking action to support my vision, and I make choices that are in alignment with the two. I can see how my vision may or may not line up with the vision, of others, but I am not threatened or side tracked my that.


Horizontal Lines

There are also some markings that can be found, on the third eye (second section of the thumb) that give us clues to understanding and working with this energy center.  One of those marking are horizontal lines (see illustration).  One or ten, horizontal lines indicate doubt, the more lines the stronger the doubt.  This can often lead one down the path, of least resistance.  However, life will provide ample opportunity, for you to get or trust your vision, make decisions, see beyond “reality” (see things differently). 

Third Eye Horizontal Lines

Third Eye Horizontal Lines


Another marking found, on the third eye, is a STAR.  This is what we call a gift marker.  This is the gift of the seer; spiritual wisdom; the gift of discernment. One who can see the inner connections and relations within the big picture, and keep the big picture, in focus at the same time.  There is a flip side to having this gift marker, if it is not being “used”; blindness to what is happening within you, and around you.  The obvious may escape you only, for it to show up, in a very unpleasant way later on.  Gifts are intended to be used, if ignored, they will find ways to get your attention.  

Third Eye Star

Third Eye Star

Things To Remember


Please remember that none, of this, is good or bad.  Just because one may have short legs does not mean they cannot be a fast runner, or that blindness precludes one from creating visually stunning works of art… Yes, there may be frustrations, and a feeling of limitation at the  start, but with (loving) disciplined focus, what seems to be a disadvantage, can become the source (inspiration), of one's greatest strengths.  Taking an unlikely probability, and turning into a longshot payoff.  But, it starts with a vision, then life presents us with options, and then we make choices.  It is important to note here that it matters more about how we make choices, not what we choose, when talking about the third eye.

Faith Verses Fear

For most of us, faith verses fear, is the line we are constantly straddling.   Feeling disillusioned by the world leaving us feeling less than inspired; getting caught, in our own delusions, only to strengthen our true ability to “see”; cultivating decrement, and so on.  I think you get the point I am attempting to make here.  It’s all perfect.

The Objective of The Third Eye

The objective of the Third Eye is “to be in the world, but not of the world”; to be the seer and the doer without getting lost in either; knowing what enhances your energy, and what depletes it; seeing yourself as “God” (Universe, Divine, Source) sees you.  All the energies here are focused on building faith and trust, from the inside out, so that we may see ourselves as creators of our reality.  It’s up to you to develop discipline to aim your focus, in the direction, of enhancing your energies.   

Some Questions To Ponder

Is my vision to big/to small; is it mine?  What do I naturally fantasize/day dream about?  Am I waiting, for circumstances to change, in my life, or for others to make a decision, in order to take steps toward my vision?  Am I waiting on permission to have a vision, of my own, or approval, of the vision, I have?  


You are POWERFUL!  You have the ability to make decisions by following the guidance, of your inner vision.  Maybe you don’t have a clear vision yet, that’s ok, start where you are.  Remember it matters more about how we make choices, not what we choose.


Have questions I would love to hear from you 

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