Lower Segment of The Thumb and The Throat Chakra

So this week, before we get into the heart of our topic, I want to talk just a little bit about the thumb.  One of the things that sets us apart, from most other animals, is our opposable thumbs, and the fact that we can reach our pinky finger across the centerline, of the palm, to touch our thumb, is unique to humans.  Allowing humans, the ability to grip and manipulate the outer world like no other animal on the planet.  Thus making the thumb a very prominent contributor to the creation, of our everyday existence.  See for yourself try, for one day, to do all your daily tasks without the use, of your thumb, (if you try this I would love to hear about it).   

All Thumbs...

Why do I mention all this?  Well, the upper three chakras (throat, third eye, and crown) correspond to the three sections, of your thumb.  Crazy right?  Think of the lines separating each section as a doorway. Please note that while challenges may be visible there is no need, for alarm.  This is about insight, and as I have said before nothing is standalone, in the chakra energy system, or in your hands. 

My True Voice

Lets get started, as I said we are taking a look at the lower segment of thumb (see illustration for location) and the throat chakra (located in the neck/throat).  Think speaking your truth, unique expression of self, independent point of view, ability to listen deeply.  All of which imply knowing your personal truth without needing to project it onto others. 

Let's Take A Look

Balanced Doorways (see illustration) – The energy exchange has equal distribution; potential balanced energies.  In this case, focusing on the throat chakra energy, we are talking about conscious communication.  I can speak up, for myself, and express my individual ideas appropriately. I can listen to myself (inner knowing) and others, and I have adequate understanding, of myself (and others), that I can let others have their truth, and that does not diminish mine.     

Small Throat (see illustration) – Challenge speaking up for one’s self; fear of self-expression; not sure what’s true for me.  This can lead to passive aggressive behaviors.  The challenge provides one with the opportunity to deeply examine “what is my personal truth”?  How can I best represent myself?  How can I listen more deeply (first to my inner self and then other)?       

Large Throat (see illustration) -  Expanded capacity, for communicating (listening and sharing), but also the potential, for not knowing when to stop talking; having a “big head”; thinking that my truth, is everyone else’s truth…  This can be experienced by others as defending one’s ideas as if life depended on it, or trying to convince others, of what is true.  Either way, communication will be an important part of what you do, so best to examine what is motivating your communications and deepen your listening skills (again this includes listening to your inner knowing as well).   

A Little Help

To determine the size of any area of the hand one must take into consideration the area you are looking at relative to the entire hand.  In this particular case we are looking at the lower segment of the thumb.  Let’s first consider how big the  thumb is compared to the rest of the hand and other fingers. Look at yours, does it seem big, or small, when your look at your hand as a whole, or does it seem to fit right in.  Next we want to look at the segments of the thumb compared to one another.  Perhaps the most difficult thing to determine, when looking at the lower segment, of the thumb, is finding its starting point.  There is a “ring” or crease that usually (but not always) runs under the thumb and on top of Venus this is the starting point for the throat (see illustration).  The size difference in the illustrations them becomes much more obvious, with the exception maybe of the “large throat”. At first you might say, well it looks about the same length, but look how it sits lower and gains the girth.  I hope this helps you see more clearly, in your hands, what we are looking at this week.    

Things To keep In Mind

Please remember (I know it's cliche but oh so true) that all challenges are opportunities to expand, heal and grow; get to know ourselves deeper and more fully. If you find that you have troubles with this area, ask yourself what about myself am I afraid to acknowledge or show to the world?  How and why might I have I shutdown my voice?  How might I talk over others, or use constant communication to avoid listening to my inner voice?  David Pond, the author of Chakras for Beginners, made a funny yet pointed statement when referencing energy imbalances, in the throat chakra,  “… demanding approval, for not needing another’s approval, …seeking permission, not to ask for permission”. Funny, but have you ever caught yourself doing just that.  Oh the liberation that comes (for you and others) when you can have this kind of insight.

The overarching aspiration, of this area of the thumb and the throat chakra, is being in alignment with the highest version, of yourself, and allowing inspired authentic expression to flow; from this perspective personal gain, is not a motivating factor, directing your communications. 

Got questions?  I would love to hear from you.  

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