Mars and Your Solar Plexus 

This week we are focusing on the area, in your hand, known as Mars, as in the God of war (see above illustration for location), and its relationship to the third chakra known as the Solar Plexus (located above your belly button, but below your diaphragm).  Think courage, power, stamina, fortitude, representing yourself (and others), intense emotions.

Power Center

Both Mars and the Solar Plexus are about guts and intensity, and ultimately the foundation of one’s personal power, and how one demonstrates power, in the world. 

You know the saying; I just feel it in my gut, or I got a gut feeling.  Your Solar Plexus, is the seat of your power, expressed as you, in the world, and Mars is a reflection, of the expression, of this energy center.        

Size Matters, But That's Not All

When looking at Mars, in the hands, we must look at proportional context (see above illustration), as we did with Venus.  Because of its location it may be harder, for you, to determine proportion, so here are a few other things to consider as well.  When you look at this area of your hand does anything stand out?  Is the skin red, is it puffy, does it look deflated, does it look pinched, or does seem to have room to be, how about markings/lines; can you see a star?     

A small Mars: (pinched, flat, dry, deflated) does not mean that you don’t have any power, but it can be a sign of feeling over powered by others or the world.  In other words, under expressing your own power; feeling deflated, unmotivated, cowardly, frozen.  Your stamina or staying power will be fleeting as well, which may contribute to not wanting to stand up, for yourself.    

A Proportional Mars: (full, peach colored, has room to be), as you might think, suggests that your power center is in balance, and that you have a sense of understanding about how you are using and directing your power; your energy level can be sustained to accomplish challenges you consciously take on.

A Large Mars: (puffy, large girth, red, a lot of line) needs a challenge; power of choice is huge here.  If your power is fueled by under expressed emotion, it can easily be misdirected, leading to combativeness, bullying, or rage. If you have a big Mars and do not have a big enough (conscious) challenge to focus your energies on; you can subconsciously create one that might not be, in your or anyone involved, best interest.

Markings In Mars: I mentioned markings, something we have not yet talked about, and I am not going to go deep here on the topic.  However, because the Solar Plexus is our power center, and is very visceral, in the sense of “gut feelings” and where and how we direct our power, I would be remised in not commenting on the impact, of having a star, in Mars. If you have a star located within the area of mars you will feel a strong urge to “fight”, for a cause.  If this is you, know that your first cause to “fight” for is you, and our life purpose will include some form of advocacy.  

Until this is understood you may feel like your life is full of opposition. 

Some Things To Consider

Concepts to think about are: true courage versus cowardice; adversarial versus advocating; dictating versus directing; full appropriate expression of emotion versus repression and explosion of emotion. 

Some questions to ask: Where or what am I choosing to put my power into; who’s lead am I following?  

Self-mastery starts with garnering awareness about how you interact with and focus your power in the world; looking at and understanding the power of your choice(s), which leads to the expression of your power.  Much of this insight can be revealed by examining your power center (Mars) and ultimately what you take action on, as expressed through your index finger, which incidentally, sits directly atop of Mars.   This is juicy stuff!   

Your Power Is Intrinsic

Ultimately we are all powerful beings; our power is intrinsic, and in truth cannot be taken away from us.  However, self-mastery, in the physical world, offers us many opportunities to play with and exercise our power in the world.   Looking at the area of Mars, in our hands offers good insight as to how we are exercising that power (or not) and what our propensities are.  Mars alone does not tell a complete story, nor does the Solar Plexus function alone; unaffected by the other energy centers, of the body.         

Bringing It Together...

Last week we looked at Venus the Goddess of love/pleasure center (Sacral Chakra) and this week we are looking at Mars, the God of war/power center (Solar Plexus).  Pretty interesting that these two are nestled together under the grounding force of the life line (Root Chakra).  Take a look at your hands and see them together.  What do you notice?  What’s the first thought that pops into your mind when you look at them all together.  If you haven’t already paperclip a few pages in your journal or notebook and dedicate it to taking notes about what you see.  Nothing in detail, and not over thought, just note what you observe.  An example would be… lifeline - long and full = grounded in the physical, and so on, for each element as the weeks go on and see what picture starts to form.  

Whats Next

Next week we are going to look at your Heart Line and its associated energy center, the fourth chakra, known as your Heart Center. 

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