Venus and the Sacral Chakra

So this week we are focusing on a section of the hand dedicate to Venus; yes, it is named in honor of the Goddess and all she represents (see illustrations, for location and examples), and its relationship to the Sacral Chakra (located in your pelvis area just below the navel, orange in color).  Think pleasure, sensual (world of sensations), beauty, joy, generosity, receptivity, vitality, playful present moment.  

Sensual Enjoyment

Both Venus and the Sacral Chakra are about being in the world, and enjoying our physicality through the senses.  What we want to look for, in the hand first (concerning Venus), is proportion relevant to the rest of the hand (see figure 1) for what proportional balance looks like.  This is will give you a reference point.  

Energy Balance

Proportional balance (see illustration 1):  More than likely will point to a balance, in your sacral chakra energy.  Pleasure that is integrated with life, and with that the potential to emanate a warmth that attracts others, and the ability to consider the consequences of your choices and actions, in the moment.  (A little extra volume can point to being very generous, big heart)  

Proportionally large (see illustration 2):  To much sacral energy the tendency here is over indulgence, in the pleasures, of life.  Indiscriminate, impulsive, and entitled are characteristics often used to describe the behaviors associated with too much Venusian drive (sex, drugs, rock-n-roll). You get the idea.

Proportionally small/flat (see illustration 3): Something is depleting your vital energy; leaving life feeling less than fun, dry, devoid of pleasure.

Something To Think About

Contemplate the idea of pleasure as a true connection with the present moment, versus grasping for or the pursuit, of pleasure (ie FOMO, the new joy sucking disorder, of our time).  Really examine your motivations, and what you find to be pleasurable.  Do you have to “allow” yourself to have fun, or is fun your middle name?  There is no right or wrong here, this is about expanding your awareness.  

Building Blocks

The components, in the hand and the energy centers (chakras),  build upon one another.  So, if we take a step back, and recall last week’s discussion about the life line and the root chakra; you can see that the life line curves around Venus, creating a “container”, for this vital juicy energy; grounding it, so to speak.  If the life line is broken or week, it is very likely that you will experience “energy leaks” that can leave you feeling less than energized or joy filled, at times.   In other words, if the root chakra is not grounded/rooted then the energy is unstable/unsafe, and it is hard to find real pleasure or joy when you feel unsafe, or are just trying to survive.  In both cases this can lead to over indulgence in order to compensate, for the lack of feeling safe, or lead to loss of zest do to fear.  Either way a lack of true pleasure/joy results.

Other Things To Consider

What is the color and texture of this luscious mound of Venus.  Does it have a nice suppleness about it (pleasure integration), or does it look like it wants to pop (over indulgent, or repressed expression), or is it dehydrated looking (life feels flat).  What about the color and  texture of the skin?  Is it reddish (stimulated, in an irritated sort-of way), yellow (judgmental), or blue (cold), or pink/fleshy (satisfied).  I think you get where I am going with this. These elements can change daily; hourly even depending on what is happening that is effecting your pleasure center (sacral chakra).

While this is a simplified isolated description, of this area of your hand associated with Venus, it will give you a very good idea of what is going on with your sacral chakra energies at any given time.  The hands are very literal in their display of energies; if you keep this in mind your will see lots of clues, in your hands, about what is going on right now with your energy centers.