Relationship Between Life Line and Root Chakra

Ok, so, first things first, your life line has nothing to do with how long you will live.  Now that that is cleared up, let’s talk about what it is about.

Your life line (see above illustration, for location and description) is directly related to your root chakra (energy center located at the very base of your torso).  Think survival, security, safety, stability, being grounded, connection to physicality, material world issues, family, nurturance.  When survival and safety, of the physical body or world are in question/threatened (real or perceived), the root chakra (energy center) is disturbed; the energy disturbance/imbalance, is recorded on the life line.   

Get Grounded, Balance Your Root Chakra 

The focus here is about being grounded, or feeing planted with both feet on the ground so that you can feel safe, in your body and in the world, in order to co-create your life.  This is truly a place of Divine connection where your actions are inspired. 

Long and Clear Life Line

When you have a long clear life line you will tend to be well grounded/rooted or, in other words, you know what stability feels like; your physical constitution and vitality are strong.  You will have a tendency to “dig in”, if push comes to shove.  As with anything there are pros and cons and the practice of balance is required.  If you have a long clear life line that’s great, it probably serves you well.  Just be mindful of being too rooted, in routine, being overly responsible, or consumed by work.  You must make time to connect to spirit (the none material realm), and have some fun too. Being to rooted, in the physical, can inhibit the imagination and your actions may well all be focused on creating stability.  

Short or Fractured Life Line

On the other hand, (ha, get it) you may have a short and/or fractured life line.   If this is the case you may feel a bit like the sands, of life, are always shifting under your feel.  That is, if your feet are on the ground long enough.  You may feel like you never have enough time or I gotta, gotta, gotta; causing fear, overwhelm, and anxiety, because you feel as though your survival depends on getting things done. However, the irony is when you are under pressure the tendency, is to run in circles, detach, or in other words, become ungrounded. Body issues are also likely, after all, if you always feel your survival is at risk your physical body is going to be impacted, in a big way, and your vitality is being scattered, in different directions. Being less tethered can allow more ease, in the exploration of the imagination, but can you bring what is stirred deep within into physical reality?  Getting grounded leads to feeling safe, even if (especially if) you have endured physical trauma.  Disassociating from the body and the physical world may seem like a form of protection.  However, this can leave you ungrounded (not fully in your body), and ultimately leave you feeling disempowered. 

Awareness Matters

No matter what your life line looks like expanding your awareness about what is motivating your behavior is paramount.  If safety and security are running the show, even, if you are not in any eminent danger there is something to look at there.  Look back on your life; how safe, stable, and connected have you felt?  Have you had a life threatening, or perceived life threatening illnesses or situations in your life? These are just a few things that can affect your life line.

Promote Balance and Strengthen Your Sense of Safety.

If you find that your life line suggest that you are ungrounded:

Sitting still with your eyes open, for 10 minutes a few times a day, will help you get acquainted with being present, in your body; seeing that in this moment you are safe. Don’t try to manage your mind just sit and focus/connect with your body; that’s it.

If you find that you are too rooted, in the physical:

Sit with the intention to disconnect, from all the external stuff, for 10 minutes a few times a day. Close your eyes and focus on your breath, let your imagination run free, and know you are safe to do so.


There is more...

While this Blog focuses on the relationship of the life line and the root chakra, and the concept of being grounded, it does not cover the full story, of the life line.  There are other elements to consider such as origin point, connection (or not) to head line, ending points… you get the idea. In future blogs we will get to all that.   

*Note the lines in your hands speak to particular personality characteristics and associated needs.  They are a record of your energy expenditure, so they change over time based on how and what you expend and focus your energy.