Rational Idealist


We continue our focuse on heart lines and this week we are going to look at the Rational Idealist heart line.  As you already know, the heart line is about emotion, relationship, connection, receptivity. This week I thought I would share my hands and heart lines with you.  Give you an inside peek at my world through my hands, and give you some first person insight as to how this information really applies with respect to practical world interactions, spiritual work, and increasing conscious awareness of self.  

My native or dominant heart line on both hands is the rational idealist also commonly call the rational romantic.  Just to review the Rational Idealist heart line is flat/straight and stays below the horizontal line, but keeps going crossing the vertical line.  A person with this heart line puts others first, likes to think about their feelings, not necessarily share them, and wants to keep the peace.  They are considerate, and like to share ideas and dreams. They need meaning and can be very romantic. The downside of all of this can be detachment from feelings to keep the peace, avoid conflict, and one can get lost in how things could be versus how things are.  The opposite heart line type is the Passionate.

The rational idealist is the air heart line.  It embodies air element characteristics reminding us that there is much more than what we can see.  On the up side think of the expression “a breath of fresh air” suggesting thoughtfulness, objectivity, newness, inspiration, understanding.  On the downside air can cause desolate conditions, “on the outside looking in”, zapping the lushness of life through over processing, justification, rationalizing instead of feeling; creating emotional armor.   

The rational idealist would do good to strive for staying in the moment and embracing a bit of emotional spontaneity.  

Me and My Heart Line

Yes, it is true, there was a time (much of my life) when I would rather think about my feelings and romanticize situations, in life, rather than express myself fully or role in the mud of the “real life” drama. I am very considerate, maybe to considerate at times, and yes, I have sacrificed my true feelings to keep the peace more times than I would like to admit.  I have stayed in relationship to long because of what could be, and on my quest for spiritual growth I leaned towards the romanticized ideas of love, peace, oneness, and denied my own pain.

On the up side the attributes of my rational idealist heart line have helped me considerably, in my life. I tend to focus on possibility.  I learned a lot from examining emotions mine and others and how they impacted getting things done. It has helped me be diplomatic and resolve unnecessary conflict.  Once I started embracing my emotions fully and feeling them deeply, it allowed me to explore myself without being attached to everything that showed up.  It has helped me become supper companionate, yet maintain a space of accountability.  I have learned to honor my need for meaning and my desire for long talks about what is meaningful to me.                

When I first learned about what my heart line (rational idealist) was all about I recognized it right away, it felt true to me; confirmed in my hands.  I was relieved.  It gave me permission to honor these aspects and know that it was all a part of the plan.  Prior to knowing this, I thought that there was something wrong with me, and I was trying to fix the aspects that seemed flawed.  Maybe I was cold (unfeeling) or looking for meaning where there was none to be found… Ah, the list could go on, and on, but the point is the quest for meaning and my tendency to over process lead me to be fascinated by emotions, connection, and all things relationship centered. Which lead me to really focus inward and to dive deep into myself.  Extracting my ability to have compassion, to see the possibility and potential that exists, in us all, as Divine beings, even when we act less than we are capable of.  Making progress towards cultivating space for true connection and relationship within myself and with others where there is sovereignty in being and spontaneity in the present moment.   


While our focus in this post is on the Rational Idealist one of the four major heart lines.  We must remember that our lines are a recording of our energy focus and expenditure and as such they can change.  Here is an example of a rational idealist line extending its self to the nurture position and also droops down to the head line(d-fork). This person (me) chose to deliberately focus their energy into expressing more nurturer type energy and gave away their power.   Often times taking on the role of being the nurture can serve more than one agenda but the most common reason for this is taking on the role of being a caregiver (parent, or care taker of elderly parents).  The d-fork, is an indicator of a power give away, and is most often associated with the rational idealist heart line as a result of giving up too much to keep the peace.   

In Closing

Time after time at the closing of a hand analysis session with someone they are surprised by the whole thing.  They say that it was totally different than they thought it would be.  It is truly unlike anything I can think of.  Your hands, your life. Hand analysis is really about deepening your relationship with yourself and in many cases even creating a new relationship with yourself.  It expands your conscious awareness of self.  Reveling new things, shedding light on things you already know, bringing things out of the darkness to be loved.  It totally changes the vantage point from which you view and experience yourself and expands your awareness of the world around you. 

The Stoic

February, the Month of Love

So here we are, in February, the Month of Love.  With Valentine’s day and all the special focus put on matters of the heart, and relationships how perfect that we are going to be taking a closer look at each of the four major heart lines over the course of the next few weeks. 

The Stoic Heart Line

This week we are focusing on the Stoic Heart Line. It’s named the stoic because as the definition of stoic suggests they are not big on showing emotion and they can endure.  Yes, one with a stoic heart line would rather endure pain than share how they feel with you.  Quite frankly, the stoic may not even know how they feel. This is not to say that they don’t feel.  We all have feeling and emotions, but the stoic is pragmatic and practical and feelings and emotion take a back seat to practicality.  If strong emotion or feelings arise the stoic will more than likely be moved to do something rather than talk about what is going on internally.  This can lead to a lack of understanding about their own emotions and the emotions of others.  Ignoring, suppressing, or otherwise not acknowledging ones feeling/emotion will ultimately create an explosion or implosion. 

Remember the stoic heart line stays below the horizontal line, and ends before the vertical line.  It stays below the surface, so to speak.  The owners of this heart line type tend to be busy and keep their emotions below the surface, they need time alone, and may not be very outwardly affectionate.  They need freedom, but tend to be very loyal.  The opposite heart line type is the Nurturer.

Earth Element

This is the earth heart line.  It embodies earth element characteristics like: work, simplicity, matter-of-factness, common sense.  Material world concerns are of great importance.  They tend to be grounded, independent, private, and quiet; having a more physical experience of life, and that includes emotions.  For the person with a stoic heart line making a living to support one’s family is both an expression of love and a labor of love. Yet it can seem to go unappreciated by those he/she is doing it for.      


One with a stoic heart line can often be miss understood, in relationships.  As they require time to themselves, their emotional process is much more internal, they tend to seek their own council, and their affections and gestures of love/friendship are often times shown through practical offerings.  All of which can be miss interpreted by others as not caring, being aloof, disinterested, or cold when, in reality, the opposite could not be more true.   Also it is important here to highlight the stoics need for solitude. If one does not negotiate (in relationship) or otherwise honor their need, for solitude, they will create space, for it, in less than honorable ways.  As an example you could start an argument with your partner or spouse so either one or both of you leave. Or, say you over fill your calendar without regard for leaving some time for you.  You may find yourself not following through on commitments, or telling “white lies” to get out of things.        

Ok, so if you have a stoic heart line, it’s time to own it and its time to recognize that not everyone connects and interacts with the world the same as you.  As the saying goes common sense might not be so common.  Relationships (after all we are talking about the heart line here) require expression of feelings and communication about needs…vulnerability.  And while vulnerability might not be your favorite word it is a key to your growth and a requirement for intimate relationships to work.  

Let's Make This Practical

When we have the curiosity to better understand our relationship with the world we can start to better understand our relationship with ourselves, and then with others.  When we are curious it makes it easier (feels less vulnerable) to go deeper.  It makes it less threatening to look at and own are relationship style and emotional system.  At some point the stoic heart can realize that the most practical thing, in working with feeling and emotions, is to deal with them as they arise, and that communication is a practical instrument that can be used to create good relationships.    

We all have a dominant (one of the four major) heart lines.  Remember however, that our lines are a recording of our energy focus and expenditure, and as such they change.  Here is an example of a stoic heart line that, for one reason or another, this person chose to deliberately focus their energy into expressing more nurturer type energy as well as idealist.  An opening of the heart so to speak. 

What could cause this to happen, and what does it mean? 

The first thing to note, is this happening on the right or left hand.  If you recall, from previous posts, the left hand is more reflective of our internal world and receptive energy, and right is more about the external world and giving or what you put out into the world.   An example of what could cause this on the right and/or left hand is motherhood (parenthood) or becoming the primary direct caregiver to someone.  Remember the nurturer is the opposite of the stoic so of course the redirection/shift in energy focus is going to be recorded.  And with such a drastic shift it may lead the person to also expand towards exploring a more idealistic way of relating with self, others, and the world.   Please keep in mind that this is the most general interpretation, but you get the idea.  It is also important to know that this person’s native heart line is still a stoic and while they have explored other territories and become more flexible with concern to their relationship and emotional styles they will still be stoic dominant.  There will still be a need for freedom, independence, and practicality… that must to be honored.  

Got Questions?  I would love to answer them. 

deborah@soulsagenda.com or 520-456-6444

 ***Please share this with anyone you think would enjoy knowing more about Hand Analysis or themselves. 

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Hand analysis is a powerful way to dive deep into relationships/partnerships, whether romantic or business.  Contact me at deborah@soulsagenda.com or 520-456-6444

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Heart Lines: How Do You Relate

HeartLines .jpg


I am on a mission to let people know how powerful they are and that all the answers they (we) seek can be found within.  As a hand analyst I know that your hands hold profoundly deep insights about you.  Who you came here to be, your natural tendencies of expression, your needs, your drives... My point is YOU are powerful!  

Lets Get Started

This week, I want to introduce you to your heart line. Because we spend the vast majority of our time embroiled in relationships and deciphering emotional data, it seems like a great place to start.  What is the heart line all about?  Well you probably already guessed, matters of the heart.  Think emotion, and relationship, receptivity, and more specifically your emotional system, your style of relating, as well as, your non-negotiable needs, in relationships. In this post we are going to look at the four basic types of heart lines, and over the next few weeks we will look at each one more closely, to include common variations.

Who Wants To Improve Their Relationships

Who doesn’t want to have better relationships, whether with your spouse, kids, loved ones, your co-workers, or the soulmate you have been dreaming of.  The heart line contains a great repository of information that includes your needs and what is natural, for you, in how you relate with yourself and others, and the emotional systems that are in play. Knowing this information will expand your self-awareness, helping you heal your emotional wounds, improve your current relationships, and build healthier relationships in the future.

What Are We Looking For

The heart line starts at the very outer edge of the hand under the pinky and runs horizontally across the top of the palm. (See the illustration above, the heart line is highlighted in green.) The four basic heart line types are what we call the Stoic, the Rational Idealist, the Passionate, and the Nurturer (see illustration above).  To determine your heart line type, take a picture of your hands, print them out, and draw two lines. Draw the first one vertically starting between your index finger and your middle finger, then draw a horizontal line starting about a half inch below your index finger to create four quadrants (like in the illustration).  Now look to see where your heart line ends. 

Whats Your Style

The Stoic heart line stays below the horizontal line, and ends before the vertical line.  It stays below the surface, so to speak.  The owners of this heart line type tend to be busy and keep their emotions below the surface, they need time alone, and may not be very outwardly affectionate.  They need freedom, but tend to be very loyal.  The opposite heart line type is the Nurturer.

The Rational Idealist heart line also stays below the horizontal line, but keeps going crossing the vertical line.  A person with this heart line likes to think about their feelings, not necessary share them, and wants to keep the peace.  They are considerate, and like to share ideas and dreams. They need meaning and can be very romantic. The opposite heart line type is the Passionate.

The Passionate heart line rises above the horizontal line, but does not cross the vertical line.  If you have this heart line you can’t hide how you feel, you express your desires openly, like open displays of affection, and have strong reactions/opinions.  You need passion, and can be very energizing.  The opposite heart line type is the Rational Idealist. 

The Nurturer heart Line rises above the horizontal line, and crosses the vertical line.  An individual with a Nurturer heart line is all about caring, is sensitive to feelings, and tends to be protective.  They need connection with others, and are themselves very sensitive. The opposite heart line type is the stoic.

Take Your Time and Have Some Fun

Have some fun with this.  Take a look at your own heart line and of those in your inner circle, your kids, your spouse, your friends.   I would love to hear about the insights you gather.  

Looking Forward

Next week we will dive deeper into the realm of the Stoic heart line, and a few of the variations that are commonly seen with this heart line.  

Please share this information with anyone who you think would be interested in knowing more about themselves through their own hands I am going to continue to put information out weekly that you can use to better understand yourself and others. It will be published on my  Facebook page, and here on my website soulsagenda.com blog page.  

Want to book a session with me so you can know what your hands are saying to you now?  What to Dive deeper into a relationship/partnership we can do that too. Contact me 520-456-6444 email deborah@soulsagenda.com


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A Map In Your Hands

So many of the questions that I have received have been about what Hand Analysis is and how do you use the information.  I guess I did not start there because my website (this website) has a pretty detailed over view of this information.  However, I realize that everyone is busy and may not have time to go to every website that they have interest in so I am going to bring it to you right now.

Hand Analysis... is that like palmistry 

So what is hand analysis and how is it different than traditional palmistry? Traditional palmistry is based on traditions and folklore, and while it can contain valid and insightful information it is laced with unsubstantiated superstitions and wild prediction.  Hand Analysis on the other hand (ha, get it) focuses on finger prints and has sifted through the ancient traditions, of palmistry to find the underlying accuracies within those traditional systems.  Creating a refined and well studied system that looks at both the fingerprints and the hands.  Using empirical data hand analysis produces a reading that contains lifelong foundational information as well as pinpointing one’s current energy use and focus; where the only predictive element resides in how you continue to focus and use your energies. 

We Are Energy

We are energy that has been focused in to matter forming a body, and as such our vibrations or frequencies get recorded in our body. The hands are one particular place that you can see the clear evidence of this.  Before you were born, this energy that is you starts to record itself as your DNA and is reflected in your fingerprints; which by the way are fully formed five months before you are even born.  In understanding this, it is easy to see how your hands can contain a map with overlays and detailed information about who you came here to be and what you came here to do.  I am not talking about prediction here.  I am talking about reading a map as you would if you were going to travel somewhere.  

There Is A Map In Your Hands

One part of the map contains your soul psychology; we can compare that to the topography of the land, and the other part it your personality psychology, or the road ways we have created to navigate the topography.  Your soul psychology is found in your fingerprints. It is unchangeable, in that it is hard wired, etched into your hands as your fingerprints never change and are unique to you.  Your personality psychology is found in the shape and ever evolving lines on the palm of the hand and in your finger set (position).  

This map in your hands contain an enormous wealth of information specifically about you.  Isn’t that exciting!  I believe that within each of us we contain all the information and answers we seek about ourselves.  So look at your hands right now and know that they are speaking to YOU.  It is my intent every week to bring forth some of that information so you can widen your self-awareness. Through this greater awareness, you can find answers to your greatest questions about yourself; affirm what you have always known, empowering you to focus on the things that are most important to you. 

More To Come

IF you have not yet read my blog series that focused on the chakra system and your hands check it out below.

Thy Will

Knowing and Doing

I find it amusing that we have come to the Crown Chakra at the closing of multiple sacred events. The Winter Solstice, Christmas, Hanukah, and the New Moon, and the start of a brand New Year.  To me this year’s holiday season has been an amplification of the progressive energies of 2016.  One of endings, new tidings, all leading to a rebirth, new possibilities, connection and expansion.  It is befitting of the Crown Chakra energies, our connection with the Divinity, our Higher-self, God, The Universe, Oneness, all the possibilities that have already been and will be.

In the hands, the upper portion of the thumb (see illustration) is home to the crown chakra (located at the top or crown, of the head).  We could get into all sorts of deep discussion about this connection and how to interpret what is going on here, but for simplicity, brevity, and practicality we are going to focus on personal (my) will versus Divine will.  Knowing and doing.

My Will Verses Divine Will?

Ok so let’s just expand on what I mean by personal will and Divine will since I know these can be very loaded terms.  Personal will, fundamentally, is the right of all to choose whatever you want to choose.  Seems simple enough, right?  Divine will is choice, but from a place of surrender, in trust and faith (not hope, lol).  Here is the “catch,” You have to use your personal will to choose to surrender to Divine will.  To make this more practical see Divine will as a knowing.  We all have had a knowing.  At times we have chosen to ignore it; only to remember later what we knew all along. We have also listened and followed our knowing, and things turned out beautifully in the end.      

So what does it look like in your hands?

Large Crown: In the context of this conversation, a large crown (big upper thumb see illustration) suggests a lot of will, but how is that will being exercised?  You know the saying, and famous Rolling Stone’s song “under my thumb”.   The potential for receiving great knowing and for being very controlling both show themselves here.  So the question to ask yourself, if you have a large upper thumb, is how am I using (or not using) my will?  Do I receive great insight and then try and make others understand what I know… or do I trust my knowing and allow my actions to be inspired and animated in Love?   

Small Crown: A small crown (see illustration) could suggest small mindedness, or limited awareness, of one’s connection to the Devine, or a denial of any connection that leads to a sense of helplessness, or a resistance to taking action.  Again this is one of many potential possibilities here.  I always remember that often those things that present the greatest challenges often contain our greatest gifts and lead to our biggest triumphs.  So if you think your crown is on the small side, remember that size and shape can change, and there are other aspects, of the hands, that when looked at in conjunction to this, or any other aspect, contribute to the bigger picture.   Maybe your third eye (middle segment of thumb) is bigger than your crown.  This suggests that you “see” a lot but may not take action on what information/knowing that comes from the seeing.  



A star on the crown is a gift marker we call the star of intention, AKA the results getter.  The potential to bring knowing and doing together, in a super charged way, to create physical results.  Be sure to be clear about who’s intentions/goals you are focused on.  If you have a star of intention, and feel frustration or failure, then look at what is shaping your intentions. 




Horizontal lines on the crown equal doubt. Doubt in your knowing leads to trouble making decisions, and ultimately, in taking actions to get results.  If you have these lines you might be saying well I don’t know what results I want, or thinking that having an idea about results is an expectation and that having expectations is not very spiritual…  There is a difference between expectations and attachment to expectations. Oh, we could get into an amazing conversation here, but out of respect for you time I will leave it at that.          

Some Things To Think About

There are so many potentials here.  One thing that always helps when investigating any aspect of the thumb, is to examine your motivations to the actions you take.  Remember the thumb is about knowing and doing, making it a prominent contributor to the creation of our everyday existence.  As a physical appendage, it allows us to grab, grasp, and otherwise manipulate our world like a potter molding clay.  Examining motivations can reveal a lot.  Motivations can be a few layers deep so don’t be surprised, if you look, and then look a bit deeper, to find one motivation leads to another, but there is a core motivation; a seed from which the other motivations and corresponding actions sprang. Most, if not all, come down to Love or Fear.   

Coming To A Close & Starting A New

As we finish up the Chakra system and step firmly into a new year, I hope that you take the time to go back to review what we covered and look into your hands. May they reveal something new, or affirm what you have always known. Most of all, may you be inspired by the miraculousness of your being that is confirmed by messages contained in your own hands.   


I Want To Hear From You

What are you most interested in knowing more about in your hands?  Got questions about what the Chakra system and your hands?   I always look forward to hearing from you, so leave a comment below, e-mail me (Deborah@soulsagenda.com) or message me on Facebook.


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Vision, Trust thy self


The Middle Segment of Your Thumb & Your Third Eye 

This week we are looking at the second or middle segment, of your thumb, (see illustration) and the correlating chakra your third eye (located on the brow above the nose between and just above the physical eyes).  Think discernment, ability to choose, vision, seeing beyond.  All of which require imagination. 

Our ability to imagine, is an amazing aspect, of being a human being.  Without it life would be flat, one dimensional; there would be no innovation, art, visionaries, and the search, for meaning, would not even exist. Yet, imagination is often associated with fair-tails and make-believe nonsense.  I want you to keep this in mind as we talk about the examples, because our family and cultural values impact our beliefs and thoughts about imagination immensely.

Lets Take A Look

So how do we go about determining what makes the third eye area big or small?  It’s all about proportion to the other two segments of the thumb (see above illustrations). 

If your third eye is bigger than your throat (see illustration above 1 ) the most general analysis, for this would be, your vision is grand, but you have not yet cultivated the ability to communicate it.  This can lead to delusions of sorts.  Getting lost, in the vision, engaging in extended periods of distraction, or dangerous vehicles of escapism, are all potential delusion makers, or delusions, in themselves.  Remembering that speaking one’s truth (in this case communicating his/her vision), one must know thy self; the premise, of the throat chakra, which provides the foundation, for the third eye.    

If your third eye is smaller than your throat (see Illustration above 3) the most general analysis, for this would be, you have a lot to say, but your vison may be too small, or all together someone else’s.  If your vision is narrow, too small, or someone else’s you might be spending all your energy defending an idea without knowing or understanding the context, of the bigger vision. Your idea of ‘’self” might be bigger than your vision of self.    

If you have balanced doorways (see illustration above 2) the most general analysis, for this would be, you have the potential, for balanced energies, in the upper chakras.  In this case, focusing on the third eye, we are talking about decrement.  I can see my vision; I can see myself taking action to support my vision, and I make choices that are in alignment with the two. I can see how my vision may or may not line up with the vision, of others, but I am not threatened or side tracked my that.


Horizontal Lines

There are also some markings that can be found, on the third eye (second section of the thumb) that give us clues to understanding and working with this energy center.  One of those marking are horizontal lines (see illustration).  One or ten, horizontal lines indicate doubt, the more lines the stronger the doubt.  This can often lead one down the path, of least resistance.  However, life will provide ample opportunity, for you to get or trust your vision, make decisions, see beyond “reality” (see things differently). 

Third Eye Horizontal Lines

Third Eye Horizontal Lines


Another marking found, on the third eye, is a STAR.  This is what we call a gift marker.  This is the gift of the seer; spiritual wisdom; the gift of discernment. One who can see the inner connections and relations within the big picture, and keep the big picture, in focus at the same time.  There is a flip side to having this gift marker, if it is not being “used”; blindness to what is happening within you, and around you.  The obvious may escape you only, for it to show up, in a very unpleasant way later on.  Gifts are intended to be used, if ignored, they will find ways to get your attention.  

Third Eye Star

Third Eye Star

Things To Remember


Please remember that none, of this, is good or bad.  Just because one may have short legs does not mean they cannot be a fast runner, or that blindness precludes one from creating visually stunning works of art… Yes, there may be frustrations, and a feeling of limitation at the  start, but with (loving) disciplined focus, what seems to be a disadvantage, can become the source (inspiration), of one's greatest strengths.  Taking an unlikely probability, and turning into a longshot payoff.  But, it starts with a vision, then life presents us with options, and then we make choices.  It is important to note here that it matters more about how we make choices, not what we choose, when talking about the third eye.

Faith Verses Fear

For most of us, faith verses fear, is the line we are constantly straddling.   Feeling disillusioned by the world leaving us feeling less than inspired; getting caught, in our own delusions, only to strengthen our true ability to “see”; cultivating decrement, and so on.  I think you get the point I am attempting to make here.  It’s all perfect.

The Objective of The Third Eye

The objective of the Third Eye is “to be in the world, but not of the world”; to be the seer and the doer without getting lost in either; knowing what enhances your energy, and what depletes it; seeing yourself as “God” (Universe, Divine, Source) sees you.  All the energies here are focused on building faith and trust, from the inside out, so that we may see ourselves as creators of our reality.  It’s up to you to develop discipline to aim your focus, in the direction, of enhancing your energies.   

Some Questions To Ponder

Is my vision to big/to small; is it mine?  What do I naturally fantasize/day dream about?  Am I waiting, for circumstances to change, in my life, or for others to make a decision, in order to take steps toward my vision?  Am I waiting on permission to have a vision, of my own, or approval, of the vision, I have?  


You are POWERFUL!  You have the ability to make decisions by following the guidance, of your inner vision.  Maybe you don’t have a clear vision yet, that’s ok, start where you are.  Remember it matters more about how we make choices, not what we choose.


Have questions I would love to hear from you 

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Know Thy Self

Lower Segment of The Thumb and The Throat Chakra

So this week, before we get into the heart of our topic, I want to talk just a little bit about the thumb.  One of the things that sets us apart, from most other animals, is our opposable thumbs, and the fact that we can reach our pinky finger across the centerline, of the palm, to touch our thumb, is unique to humans.  Allowing humans, the ability to grip and manipulate the outer world like no other animal on the planet.  Thus making the thumb a very prominent contributor to the creation, of our everyday existence.  See for yourself try, for one day, to do all your daily tasks without the use, of your thumb, (if you try this I would love to hear about it).   

All Thumbs...

Why do I mention all this?  Well, the upper three chakras (throat, third eye, and crown) correspond to the three sections, of your thumb.  Crazy right?  Think of the lines separating each section as a doorway. Please note that while challenges may be visible there is no need, for alarm.  This is about insight, and as I have said before nothing is standalone, in the chakra energy system, or in your hands. 

My True Voice

Lets get started, as I said we are taking a look at the lower segment of thumb (see illustration for location) and the throat chakra (located in the neck/throat).  Think speaking your truth, unique expression of self, independent point of view, ability to listen deeply.  All of which imply knowing your personal truth without needing to project it onto others. 

Let's Take A Look

Balanced Doorways (see illustration) – The energy exchange has equal distribution; potential balanced energies.  In this case, focusing on the throat chakra energy, we are talking about conscious communication.  I can speak up, for myself, and express my individual ideas appropriately. I can listen to myself (inner knowing) and others, and I have adequate understanding, of myself (and others), that I can let others have their truth, and that does not diminish mine.     

Small Throat (see illustration) – Challenge speaking up for one’s self; fear of self-expression; not sure what’s true for me.  This can lead to passive aggressive behaviors.  The challenge provides one with the opportunity to deeply examine “what is my personal truth”?  How can I best represent myself?  How can I listen more deeply (first to my inner self and then other)?       

Large Throat (see illustration) -  Expanded capacity, for communicating (listening and sharing), but also the potential, for not knowing when to stop talking; having a “big head”; thinking that my truth, is everyone else’s truth…  This can be experienced by others as defending one’s ideas as if life depended on it, or trying to convince others, of what is true.  Either way, communication will be an important part of what you do, so best to examine what is motivating your communications and deepen your listening skills (again this includes listening to your inner knowing as well).   

A Little Help

To determine the size of any area of the hand one must take into consideration the area you are looking at relative to the entire hand.  In this particular case we are looking at the lower segment of the thumb.  Let’s first consider how big the  thumb is compared to the rest of the hand and other fingers. Look at yours, does it seem big, or small, when your look at your hand as a whole, or does it seem to fit right in.  Next we want to look at the segments of the thumb compared to one another.  Perhaps the most difficult thing to determine, when looking at the lower segment, of the thumb, is finding its starting point.  There is a “ring” or crease that usually (but not always) runs under the thumb and on top of Venus this is the starting point for the throat (see illustration).  The size difference in the illustrations them becomes much more obvious, with the exception maybe of the “large throat”. At first you might say, well it looks about the same length, but look how it sits lower and gains the girth.  I hope this helps you see more clearly, in your hands, what we are looking at this week.    

Things To keep In Mind

Please remember (I know it's cliche but oh so true) that all challenges are opportunities to expand, heal and grow; get to know ourselves deeper and more fully. If you find that you have troubles with this area, ask yourself what about myself am I afraid to acknowledge or show to the world?  How and why might I have I shutdown my voice?  How might I talk over others, or use constant communication to avoid listening to my inner voice?  David Pond, the author of Chakras for Beginners, made a funny yet pointed statement when referencing energy imbalances, in the throat chakra,  “… demanding approval, for not needing another’s approval, …seeking permission, not to ask for permission”. Funny, but have you ever caught yourself doing just that.  Oh the liberation that comes (for you and others) when you can have this kind of insight.

The overarching aspiration, of this area of the thumb and the throat chakra, is being in alignment with the highest version, of yourself, and allowing inspired authentic expression to flow; from this perspective personal gain, is not a motivating factor, directing your communications. 

Got questions?  I would love to hear from you.  

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Bridging The Gap

The Heart Line and the Heart Chakra 

Alright, Happy Monday everyone.  This week our focus is on your Heart Line (see illustrations for location) and the fourth energy center, the Heart Chakra (located in the center of your chest).  Think love, feeling, vulnerability, receptivity, self-care, harmony, connection with others.

Heart Center

We have all heard the saying, live a heart centered life. Well, the heart chakra is like a bridge that connects the lower chakras (Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus) with the upper chakras (Throat, Third Eye, Crown).   A connection that allows the vitality, of the physical, to integrated with the bliss, of the non-physical. In short the heart chakra, is where we begin to see and interact with the world beyond survival.

The Heart Line has much to tell us, I could write a book on it, but for our discussion here, as it relates to the Heart Chakra, we are going to focus on a few markers that show up on Heart line.  These markers are indicators, of specific experiences/challenges, you may have or continue to encounter as you move, from survival into authentic love, for self and others.