Hello there, my name is Deborah and I am a Certified Hand Analyst through the International Institute of Hand Analysis, I have a BS in Human Services, as well as, completed studies in Transformational Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy.  I have had a number of interesting jobs over the course of my life to include having served in the US Army, worked with adolescents with addiction issues, to managing a small multi million dollar DOD contracting company.

Regardless of position or title I have always been motivated by the potential and possibility of what could be.  In people I see their potential, for good and greatness; in business I see the potential for opportunity through the creation of systems/processes and use of assets; in a space I see the potential for how it could be arranged to support and serve those who spend their time there.  Potential and possibilities... I know that it sound a bit Pollyanna-ish but that’s what keeps me going no matter how far I have been knocked down or how disappointed I have been.

I believe that we all possess potential far beyond our wildest dreams, and I want to help you realize and tap into the potential that is within YOU and to give you insight to what might be holding you back.  Most of all I want to tell you the story of you, from your hands, to empower you; so you can be inspired by you.  I know that you are an amazing being with unlimited potential who has all the answers you seek.  With a willingness to know and a bit of effort to explore you can tap into the potential that is, and has always been in you.  See what clients have to say click here.

How did I get into all this, you ask well...

I got into hand analysis almost by accident.  I was at work; the day had been long and stressful.  The noise level was driving me crazy, so I put on my headphones and tuned into a site that interviews people who are do inspiring work, in nontraditional arenas, and the person they happened to be interviewing was a Hand Analyst.  I had studied hand writing in the past and dabbled with palmistry (I always wondered, "why do we have all these lines on our hands anyway").   Needless to say the speaker got my attention right away.  Fingerprints, as a map… Soul Psychology… lines as a record of energy expression showing personality psychology… this was mind blowing.

I was so intrigued; I instantly thought how valuable this would be to help people know and see the potential in themselves as well as what could be getting in their way, and all right there in there in their own hands.  I have always believed, and in my gut known that we each possess the answers we seek about life.  I just did not know it was right there in our hands.  I thought how amazingly perfect, a map right there in plain sight!    

After my initial excitement I thought, "this sounds to good to be true".  So I did my research, and found out that this system of hand analysis had been (and continues to be) scientifically studied, and demonstrated to work over and over and over again.  It was and is being used by some of the most cutting edge Phycologists around the world to create a starting point, for the therapy process.  Making therapy more effective by shortening the duration of time spent getting to to core issues, and providing a foundation to focus sessions around.  

In less than a month I attended a four day intensive work shop in CO to see first hand what this was all about up close, and in person.  I returned to AZ amazed at what I learned, and super excited to learn more.  A month Iater I enrolled in the year long certification course which was both mentally and personally challenging.  Today I continue to study, attending post graduate classes offered through the Institute.

Making the commitment to take the IIHA certification course was by far one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.  As a result I have become a full time Hand Analyst, dedicated to showing people like you, their greatness, and navigating their challenges.  All with the intention of empowering you to live your life on purpose, with purpose, and in joy, because you deserve nothing less, and the world needs YOU.