Your Soul Agenda provides the outline for the big picture of your life

  • Your Life purpose is WHY you are here.  It’s your right life.   When you know your why; you can make conscious choice about the WHAT that you do.  Knowing your why drives your what.  It’s about the development of a state consciousness that allows your purpose to direct the decisions you make, and the actions you take.   From this perspective you have greater options to what can be.   When your why (purpose) and your what (energy exertion) are aligned your effectiveness and influence, in the world, increases greatly.    

  • Your Life school is the basis of your purpose.  It is the color of the lenses through which you view and interact with life. 

  • Your Life Lesson is the "experience" needed to fully express your life purpose.  When befriended it is an asset that fuels your life purpose.  However, until it is revealed/understood it is often the nemesis you have spent countless hours, energy, and probably dollars trying to appease, fix, or get rid of with no luck. 

Hand Analysis is for anyone and all ages.  It's both fun and powerful.  I can be done in person or with a few logistics from a distance.

* While hand analysis provides deep understanding, perspective, context, direction, and some times much needed validation  to move forward, make decisions, find solutions, and take action it is NOT predictive.