Do you have a feeling deep inside you that life is about more ?

We all have a different idea of what "more" is, but the resulting inspiration sets into motion a journey to find meaning. 

This journey for meaning, begins and ends with you, because the truth is you have all the answers.  Think about where the question of life being about more came from, in the first place?  No one embarks on the courageous journey of self-discovery and meaning because they saw someone else doing it, and it looked “fun”.  No, a nudge (or maybe a push) from within that you could not ignore caused you to take the first step. 

As you embark on your path it is easy to get distracted by all the concepts, tools, and directions that are out there intended to help you find "more".  And soon enough it’s easy to lose track of what prompted you to start out on your journey in the first place, YOUR INNER VOICE.   

Well, that inner voice/knowing is echoed and reflected, in many ways, in your life.  One of those ways is, in your hands.  I am here to invite you to stop; take a breath, and just look at your hands.  Really look at them.  Look at the shape of your hands, your finger prints, and the lines on your palm.  Have you ever wondered "why do I have all these lines for anyway"; "how is it that my finger prints identify me".  Does it feel like they have something important to tell you? 

Well they do!  And the exciting part is that once you know their message you will gain a level of clarity and context, for your life, that will ignite a fire in your heart and allow you to consciously make decisions, and choose tools to best serve YOU.  Think about how knowing your Life’s Purpose, your "why", would give you clarity and affirm what you have undoubtedly known all along; giving you permission to making choices that you have probably always felt drawn to.  That's your Soul’s Agenda calling to YOU.

LIMITED TIME ONLY I am offering special pricing 

  • Initial Individual Reading: This is a one hour session where you will discover your Life Purpose, Life School, and Life Lesson, AKA your Soul's Agenda.  The information discovered during this session is life long as it is the foundation for your life. 

If you are ready to know what your Soul's Agenda is then contact me.   

* While hand analysis provides deep understanding, perspective, context, direction, and some times much needed validation  to move forward, make decisions, find solutions, and take action it is NOT predictive.