Hand Analysis Is An Amazing System That Looks at your Fingerprints to Reveal Your Soul's Agenda

 Your Life Purpose, Your Life Lesson, Your Life School

As you well know there are many paths and even more tools available on the quest for self discovery and meaning.  Which path do I take?  What tools are best for me?  These questions are better answered, if you first start with knowing your Soul's Agenda.  

If you are ready to stop wondering and start knowing.  Contact me today to get your hands analyzed, so you can start taking conscious actions that are focused on creating YOUR wonderful life.

Hand Analysis is for anyone and all ages.  It's both fun and powerful.  It can be done in person or with a few logistics from a distance.

* While hand analysis provides deep understanding, perspective, context, direction, and some times much needed validation to move forward, make decisions, find solutions, and take action it is NOT predictive.  


  • Your Life purpose is WHY you are here.  It’s your right life.   When you know your why; you can make conscious choice about the WHAT that you do.  Knowing your why drives your what.  It’s about the development of a state consciousness that allows your purpose to direct the decisions you make, and the actions you take.   From this perspective you have greater options to what can be.   When your why (purpose) and your what (energy exertion) are aligned your effectiveness and influence, in the world, increases greatly.    

  • Your Life school is the basis of your purpose.  It is the color of the lenses through which you view and interact with life. 

  • Your Life Lesson is the "experience" needed to fully express your life purpose.  When befriended it is an asset that fuels your life purpose.  However, until it is revealed and understood it is often the nemesis you have spent countless hours, energy, and probably dollars trying to appease, fix, or get rid of with no luck.  Stop waisting your time and money trying to fix a problem that you don't have.  Get your hands analyzed and see how your lesson is your friend.  

Hand Analysis is a refined, well studied, system that analyzes the fingerprints and the hands.  A reading will provide you with insight and context that will have a profound impact on how you see yourself, and is intended to empower you to live your life on purpose, with purpose. 

Much like an interpreter translates a written document a hand analyst translates the fingerprint patterns and elements, in the hands, to reveal your Soul's Agenda.  

FINGERPRINTS: Did you know that your fingerprints were formed five months before you were born, and never change during your life! They are a unique representation of you, so it’s no surprise that this is where your Soul's Agenda is written.  Just as your finger prints never change, neither does your Agenda.

HANDS: Your hand shape and lines provide insight into your core personality characteristics and preferences.  While some of the aspects, in the hands, can change over your life time there are many elements to be considered, in respect to, how these characteristics may support or challenge your Soul's Agenda.

SOUL AGENDA: Your Soul's Agenda is made up of three parts your life PURPOSE, life LESSON, and life SCHOOL.  Individually these three parts are representative of what their name suggests, and just knowing one of them can be life altering.  But put them all together and you have a big picture understanding of who you came here to be.  To learn more click on the "Big Picture" page. 

The sessions are done either in person (if local) or over the phone via live conference.   


you were born to EXPERIENCE life and enjoy the process